Find Mold Before it Becomes a Major Problem

Suspecting you have mold inside your home can lead to feelings of anxiety, disgust, dejection, frustration, or even panic. Trying to sell your home is a perfectly normal reaction in this instance, but that really is not a good idea. You’re unlikely to get away with trying to pass the problem on to somebody else, and the consequences are likely to be unpleasant for you.

In its early stages mold is not that easy to detect, so it’s not surprising that many people live in a home that has mold and they never realize it is present. They are unaware of the symptoms and only gradually realize there is a problem when they can actually see the signs of mold or when it begins to affect their health.

Warning Signs of Mold:

Black Mold Water Stain
An obvious black mold problem resulting from an untreated water leak.

It is important to be aware of what the warning signs are that you may be sharing your home with more than just your family. The symptoms to look out for that you might have mold include:

  • A strange smell: Mold has a powerful, often stifling, musty odor. When it is confined to just one area of your home, you might notice a horrible persistent musty smell in the house. Mold can often live inside the walls or behind wallpaper on the walls, and, as it’s out of sight, you might not readily associate the odor with mold. If you do become aware of a regular, unpleasant odor in your home, there’s a good chance you could have mold, my friend.
  • The appearance of mold: In your shower enclosure or around you bath tub: First: it is easy to differentiate between normal soap scum and mold by their color with mold being invariably black and soap scum being any thing from grey to the color of soap you use. However, in the basement or cellar (the two likeliest places in you home where mold tends to gather) you may have to look a bit further to find the mold. Mold will always start in damp areas, so if you have an area of floor, wall or ceiling with a damp problem, start looking for mold here first.
  • Health symptoms: Since mold is often invisible, it can be hard to accept you have a mold problem. Do a quick health check of those who live in the home for any of these symptoms: does anybody feel listless, or suffer from congestion, or experience watering of their eyes while inside your home? These can all be signs of contact with mold spores.

But they can be symptoms of something completely different. So, another question to ask is do they tend to feel better when away from the home such as when at work or out shopping. If they feel that their health problems seem to begin shortly after returning home, then you should begin to strongly suspect you have mold in your home.

If you suspect a mold problem

If after carrying out the above checks, you suspect you might have a mold problem, you’ll need to carry out you own investigation by checking all the moist and potentially moist areas in your home. If that doesn’t turn up any evidence of mold problems, it’s probably time to call in a professional and have an in-depth investigation carried out.

Don’t ignore any warning signs that you may have mold in your home. Burying your head in the sand or turning a blind eye in the hope it will go away only worsens the problems you will experience. Be thorough in finding the source of mold and eliminating it as soon as possible. After all, nothing is more important than the health of your loved ones and yourself.

Ever Considered Buying Your Own Latte Coffee Machine?

Enjoy Your Favorite Latte Coffee From the Comfort of Your Home

For the truly dedicated coffee lovers among us there are few roads we will not go down in our endless search for the holy grail – that perfect cup of latte coffee. Of course we have our favorites, which usually start out by being house specialties with an often hefty price tag at our local coffee house.

And so we must travel there each and every day (often more than best latte coffee maker graphiconce) to pay for that cherished cup of liquid gold. The shot that will prepare us for our day ahead or get us through our afternoon or drive us beyond our end of the day slump.

But, despite how good that sounds, for many of us there comes a time when it can feel increasingly costly and time-consuming. So, how to overcome that? An ideal solution would be to have that special treat right in our own home? That same delicious coffee shop flavor at little cost and available to be enjoyed whenever we want? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

In order to do this, you’ll need your own espresso machine. With an espresso machine in your kitchen at home, you can make your own lattes to enjoy for yourself, and to impress your family and friends. Once you become familiar with your espresso latte maker, you’ll be able to experiment with the growing range of latte recipes available in search of your perfect latte drink. Happy times ahead!

Some people will look at the price of an espresso machine for their home and decide against buying such a machine. However, if you stop and consider what you can expect to pay when you buy a latte at your local coffee shop, whether it’s a mom & pop shop or a coffee house chain (like Starbucks), you can probably look at spending $3 and more for a latte!

Now, over time that will add up to a lot of money. Yet, when you buy an espresso/latte coffee maker for home use, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can recover the cost of your machine by simply making your lattes at home.

Fortunately, when it comes to finding the best latte machine for home use, you’ll be spoiled for choice so can take your time researching which is the best coffee machine for you. You’ll find a lot of information by reading the many consumer reports and recommendations available. The Internet is also a great place to look for recommendations on specialized latte coffee machines.

By doing this you’re taking advantage of the research that’s already been carried out by others. You’ll soon find out not only which specific brands have performed well for other consumers, but also those that are best avoided. Using online resources will allow you to shop around researching different makes and models, and prices too of course.

Your very own espresso latte machine will enable you to re-create your local coffee shop right in your own kitchen. Make a clever choice latte lover, and you will be rewarded with an endless succession of fabulous cups of your favorite coffee drink to be enjoyed from your favorite chair whenever you wish – a little cloer to heaven.

Welcome To My New Blog!

Hello to old and new friends, alike!

Being of a Medicare age (ie, getting on a bit), I never thought I’d be having a go at social media, but then we’re told that trying new stuff is a good thing, right? And this blog has a purpose: to share with you one of my true passions.

Life has been a roller coaster for me and to reveal the story of what that kind of life was like, I have spent the last few years capturing the memories, finding the right people to help me tell the story well, and arriving at a manuscript that will form a book sometime soon.

In future blog entries, I’ll share some stories from the adventures I’ve had. I hope you’ll be inspired, informed and entertained by my crazy, wonderful life. If I can accomplish these goals, you can certainly do those things that seem out of reach in your life, as well.

Next time, I’ll tell you about what it feels like when, out of the blue, you receive a phone message that reads: “Buck House called!”.