Welcome To My New Blog!

Hello to old and new friends, alike!

Being of a Medicare age (ie, getting on a bit), I never thought I’d be having a go at social media, but then we’re told that trying new stuff is a good thing, right? And this blog has a purpose: to share with you one of my true passions.

Life has been a roller coaster for me and to reveal the story of what that kind of life was like, I have spent the last few years capturing the memories, finding the right people to help me tell the story well, and arriving at a manuscript that will form a book sometime soon.

In future┬áblog entries, I’ll share some stories from the adventures I’ve had. I hope you’ll be inspired, informed and entertained by my crazy, wonderful life. If I can accomplish these goals, you can certainly do those things that seem out of reach in your life, as well.

Next time, I’ll tell you about what it feels like when, out of the blue, you receive a phone message that reads: “Buck House called!”.

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